The Project

The addition of the North Concourse to The New SLC was announced in May 2016 and will initially add 30 gates in two phases. The North Concourse will replace existing gates located on Concourses B, C and D, which have significant facility deficiencies that would require costly renovations if retained. The SLCDA received unanimous support from all airlines serving SLC to build the North Concourse.

The first phase of the North Concourse construction will begin on the west portion of the building and is scheduled to be completed in 2020, in conjunction with the opening of the new Terminal, Parking Garage and South Concourse-West. A flexible gate layout is planned to serve a mix of aircraft sizes, though the concourse will primarily be used for narrow-body and small, wide-body aircraft. In the future, the North Concourse layout allows for an additional 15 gates to be added to the east for a total of 45 gates. A passenger tunnel will be constructed to connect the North Concourse to the South Concourse and the new terminal.

Construction Team

Austin Okland is a joint venture between Austin Commercial and Okland Construction Company. Texas-based Austin Commercial teamed-up with Salt Lake-based Okland Construction to bid on building the North Concourse and was selected after going through Salt Lake City’s procurement process.

  • “We are excited for the opportunity to provide the guests of Salt Lake City International Airport the ability to have an exceptional, modern and least stressful experience possible while traveling.” AUSTIN COMMERCIAL

  • “Okland Construction is committed to being true builders and masters of our trade; we are builders, not just managers. We are passionate about creating remarkable experiences in everything we do. It's not only's personal.” Okland Construction

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Project Team