Prequalification Process

AOJV is now accepting Prequalification submissions for Phase 2 of the North Concourse Program.      

In order to bid on a trade package for the North Concourse Program, your company must be Prequalified. Only the prime contractor for a trade package is required to prequalify. Second tier contractors to the prime contractor do not have to prequalify.  Please review the Trade Package List & Scope Description in the Prequalification Questionnaire.     

The prequalification process is specific to this project and is separate from either the Austin or the Okland prequalification processes (i.e. being prequalified with either Austin or Okland does not prequalify you for work on this project.)

Only prequalified companies will receive the Request for Proposal for bid packages as they are issued. Prequalification submissions are due by March 12, 2020.  The Current Bid Schedule is listed further down this page.

Documents to download for Prequalification:
 Prequalification Questionnaire Download file
 Exhibit F - BIPW Forms Download file

Prequalification Submission

Please submit prequalification documents to

The subject line of the email should be 'NCP Phase 2 Prequalification - [YOUR COMPANY NAME]'

Please attach the following documents to your email:
    1. The filled out Excel file (in Excel format)
    2. Scanned pdf of Excel file with your signature
    3. Surety Letter (as requested in Section 4.6 of questionnaire
    4. Litigation documents if required (necessary if you answer 'Yes' to any questions in Section 7)

For questions about this process, please contact:
Matt Burnett -
Brian Anderson -

Current Bid Schedule

DP19 & DP20 Prequalification Submissions - Submissions due March 12, 2020

DP19 Bid Packages 19.01 & 19.02 have already bid. These packages included the Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks, Passenger Boarding Bridges, and Shoring & Dewatering scopes.

DP19 Bid Package 19.03 - Anticipated bid period starting April 13, 2020.

DP19 Bid Package 19.04 - Anticipated bid period starting June 1, 2020.

DP20 Bid Package 20.01 - Anticipated bid period starting June 1, 2020.

Design Package Notes

Design Package 19 (DP19 NCP Phase 2) will include all of the scopes to construct the East side of the North Concourse. This Phase of work is approx. 365,000 sf of building. The project will include pile caps, foundations, structural steel, building envelope scopes, interior finishes complete, passenger boarding bridges, and all mechanical, plumbing, & electrical/low voltage systems. The scope for this work will be bid in two Bid Packages. The first package will have the earthwork & foundation scopes, building structure scopes, and building envelope scopes. The bid period for this package is anticipated to start in April 2020.  The remaining trade scopes will be in the second bid package and the bid period is anticipated to start in June 2020.

Design Package 20 (DP20 Airside Civil Phase 2) will include the Airfield Fueling & Paving scopes associated with Phase 2 which is immediately around the North Concourse East. The anticipated bid period for this package will begin in June 2020.